Hi there. My name is Ambyr. Just like you, I am struggling, fighting, battling a never-ending war with the demons inside my head. But together, we can win. This blog is a record of my journey, of my battle. I invite you along, to fight with me, to cheer each other on, to hold each other when we’re down, to encourage one another, to pool our resources, and to support one another. Together, we can survive, and more importantly, we can WIN. We are strong, we are survivors, we are warriors. We wake up each morning to battle the demons that left us exhausted the night before, day after day after day. We know what strength, toughness, and courage is. We can do this. Will you join me, will you accept me as you sister-in-arms to fight alongside you, to win this battle once and for all? I welcome your presence, your strength, you experience, your resources, and your support. Gather up your strength, grab your weapon, and let’s go fight! Who’s with me?? ❤