Say “Yes”

When you’re lost in the dark, consumed with self-hatred, self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness, ugliness, and so full of fear and pain that you can’t think straight, it’s damn near impossible to see the good things in life. So, today, I challenge you to start something new. It’s simple, and may lift your spirits for even the tiniest second: Say “yes” to yourself at least one every day. Yes to buying those cookies. Yes to wearing that shirt. Yes to texting that boy. Yes to talking to that girl. Yes to reading that book. Yes to binge watching your favorite show. Yes to eating that ice cream. Yes to doing something that makes you smile and makes you feel just a little bit happier. I’m not telling you to change your whole day. Just one minute of your day. One 60 second instance, where you completely indulge yourself and make YOU, not anyone else, happy. Screw what people think, screw the expectations, screw everything. Say “yes” to yourself one minute of every day. BUT! You are NOT allowed to feel guilty about it!!
Self-care is one of the most important steps in healing. You HAVE to take care of yourself as often as you can. It’s not easy, especially because we as humans rely on one another and women especially take care of others…it’s just what we do. So, taking time for ourselves, by saying “yes” to ourselves for just one minute of every day and not feeling guilty about it, is the first step in self-care.
So, go ahead! Find that thing today that you say “yes” to! Spend a moment alone outside. Make your favorite drink. Spend a moment meditating. Whatever it is that will help you begin to take care of you. One 60-second timeout from everyone and everything else, to take a break, and focus on YOU. Say “Yes” to yourself today. Stay strong. ❤


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