Wrong and Right

Those of us who wrestle with demons have learned long ago how to live with them…maybe not well, but live with them indeed. We know what helps us, and we know what doesn’t. To have people tell us that how we’re living with our demons isn’t the “right” way to live, that we’re doing it “wrong”…just makes us feel horrible, like all of that time, all of those years that we spent learning to at least co-exist with our demons was a colossal waste of time. It also infuriates us….to have those who haven’t lived our lives, who haven’t walked our path, and who do NOT live with our demons try to tell us that we’re doing it wrong, is unacceptable. NO ONE should have that right…ever. NO ONE should be able to tell anyone how to live. Because no one has ever walked the exact same path, had the exact same life experiences, felt the exact same things, been the EXACT same person as anyone else….and until that technology is invented, no one ever will. So, please…if you know someone who may be wrestling with demons, please, don’t tell them that what they are doing is “wrong”. They are doing the best they can with what they have. If they ask for help, give suggestions, not orders. Give compassion, not judgement. Give love, not anger. It’s not their fault they have demons to wrestle with. You are not in their head, you do not carry the weight and the pain of the demons, you can’t hear the screaming and the lies. Give them time, love them unconditionally, and above all, seek to understand. Love them, seek to understand them, the pain, and the demons they face, and above all….never tell them that what they are doing,  how they are surviving is “wrong”. They may not know any other way.

For those of us that face the demons, a simple plea. It’s not easy having those around us tell us that we’re “wrong”, it’s not easy being judged. So, my plea to you, is to educate them. Help them know what you’re going through. Point them to the resources that will educate them on your demons…it will go a long way in helping them help you. Communication is key to healing. The demons love secrecy, they love you suffering in silence. So, break that silence, and communicate. Stay Strong. ❤


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