Finding out who you are is difficult. Oh, you may think you know who you are…and then something inevitably comes along and makes you question that. Many soldiers have said, that when they’re down in the trenches, in the midst of battle and war, that’s where they found themselves. And for us who are in a constant war with our demons, hopefully the same can be said. But, how do we find ourselves?

Well, one step is to figure out “why”? Why do we react to things the way we do, why do we do the things we do, why do we like the things we do? If you don’t like something, take some time and figure out why. If you react to something a certain way, figure out why. The reason “just cause” is bullshit from here on out and is no longer valid. Find your reason for doing, for feeling, for thinking, for reacting. As you figure out why, you figure yourself out. And figuring yourself out is the first step to finding yourself and who you are. Stay Strong, fellow warriors. ❤


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