Just Keep Swimming

You know those days where no matter what you do, you just can’t catch a break? The more you try and make things better, the worse things get? I call those days “Salmon days”, as in you’re the salmon constantly swimming upstream. But you know what the beauty of salmon swimming upstream is? Eventually, they make it to where they need to be, and it’s a beautiful thing. So, when you’re having one of those days, and you just want to crawl back in bed, pull the covers back over your head, and hide away from the world, just remember what Dory said in Finding Nemo: “Just Keep Swimming.” It will hurt, but there is no growth without pain. It will probably suck, and you won’t like it. But, at the end of the day, you’ll be proud of yourself that you pushed through the day. And hey, there may be something good waiting for you. You never know. Just Keep Swimming. Power through that forest of Jellyfish. Ride that current. Fight off those sharks. Push through your darkest moments when you’re in the mouth of a whale. No matter what, just keep swimming. Because you will reach where you need to be. You WILL get there. And, you can go to bed, proud of yourself that you were strong and pushed through it, and with all the hope and belief that tomorrow will be better. Stay Strong ❤


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