Simple Guidlines for a more Peaceful Life

1) Slam, lock, and solder shut the door on the past. What’s happened has happened, there is no going back, no changing it, no fixing it. So, obsessing over it, bringing yesterday’s troubles into today ruins today’s chances at being awesome.

2) Focus on one thing at a time. Tackle one responsibility, put all of your energy and focus into that responsibility, and don’t move on until that responsibility is completed.

3) Do what you can. If there is a list of things to get done, don’t worry about completing every single thing. Just do what you can. What you can’t do, move to tomorrow.

4) Celebrate your victories, no matter how small. If getting out of bed today was a challenge, but you did it anyways, celebrate that! If you’ve found a solution to a problem you’ve been wrestling with for a few days, celebrate that! If you’ve removed toxic people from your life, celebrate that! If you stayed at work for your entire shift, even though it was super hard, celebrate that. If you ate today, celebrate that. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small.

5) Take it easy on yourself. You’re fighting a daily war with your mind. Stressing yourself out over things that don’t deserve your energy, or worrying about things that don’t matter right this second, or berating yourself for making a mistake all just wear you out and zap your fighting energy. Let the little things go, remember to breathe, and take it easy on yourself. Give yourself permission to let go, and to forgive yourself when you screw up. No one is asking you to be perfect. Just be okay.

Stay Strong ❤


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