A Good Day

I’m writing this while I have a chance to. Today, so far has been a good day. Not an over the top awesome day, but a day where my demons are quiet, where I’m energetic, getting things done at work, and being a responsible adult. I’m counting my blessings, realizing how lucky I am and how many good things I have in my life. I know that this feeling won’t last. It may be over in minutes or days, but while I feel this good, I intend to savor it. I challenge you to do the same. When you have a good moment, a good hour or a good day, record it! Capture that moment in time when the demons are quiet, when the sun finally breaks through the clouds,  when your energy level is a bit higher than normal. That way, when the darkness closes in again, when the demons start their screeching and the energy hits an all time low, you can find that snippet and remember. Remember that life isn’t always this grey and dark. Remember that you have been there, that you have had happiness and peace. And remind yourself that it WILL happen again. We will get through the tough times, the battles, and the war…together. We will taste freedom and peace one more. I promise. Stay strong. ❤


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