The Gang’s All Here

“Welcome to PTSD, let me introduce you…
There we have Anxiety, he pretty much moved himself into the living room. He always takes up the whole couch and gripes at you and tears you down. He’s a dick.
That guy on the recliner is Depression. He’s miserable, and he wants company. He won’t leave you alone.
The fucker chilling out in the corner rocking back and forth, she’s Paranoia. She jumps to the worst conclusion about everything and spazzes out. We do our best to just ignore her.
That one over there is Loneliness, she’s not even supposed to be here. Gtfo.
And the twins are in the dining room, Guilt and Shame. They’re assholes, at least we almost never see them anymore, but when we do, we fall apart. It’s brutal.
Dignity is upstairs, she’s picking herself off the floor, and she was doing so well for so long. Well, at least she keeps trying.
Balance is around here somewhere, he pops in occasionally. He’s cool people.
Anger is in the bathroom, he has a problem. He either shits on himself or everyone else. Not cool.
And me, Bri.” – Brianne Conlon

Welcome to Mental Illness, to our heads and our lives. We live with these beasts, these demons everyday, and there is no escape because we are trapped in there with them as they tear our worlds, our minds, our lives apart. One day, we will be free. But until then…time to get comfy, I guess, and figure out our plan of attack. Stay strong. ❤




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