The Raging Storm

Voices swirling around in my head…screaming…screeching…noises…the words are lost on the shrieking winds….billowing clouds surrounds me, the wind picks up and whips around me..the snows and sands sting the skin and blind me…the weight of every singe tiny thing I have to do falls on me, knocking me to my knees…words spoken in anger, or in the wrong tone are shouted in my ears as my insecurities grab them and magnify them times a million…I’m lost, scared, terrified, and want nothing more to throw my hands over my face and run and run and run until the voices are more whispers dancing over the sand dunes and snow piles…but there is no escape….for this storm, the thunder, torrential rain, screeching, shrieking voices, claws pulling at my clothes, ripping bits of fabric and pulling my hair, the darkness and the sand and the snow and the cold and the spinning and the whirling and the noise and the uncertainty and the fear and the insanity and the crazy and the pain and the hurt and the hate and the ugly and the disgust and the stress and the…*anguished scream*

…Welcome to my mind. Nothing I can do will silence the storm. All I can do is wait for it to blow itself out, or at least calm down a bit so it’s not raging so hard. It’s like being stuck in a tornado of a million and on different feelings and thoughts and voices, with nothing to silence it. All I can so, is hold on, and wait for it to end.

Usually, I’m the one giving encouragement. But tonight, I need someone to tell me it’s okay, to hold on, and to stay strong. My demons are giving me hell tonight, and I know I can beat them…but it would be nice to know that I’m not facing them alone.

Stay strong, fellow warriors. ❤


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