Daily Encouragements

  1. You are NOT alone! Whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re going through, be it stress, anxiety, depression, ptsd, or ANY issue – You are NOT the only one struggling with it. I promise. There are people who love you, care about you, and want you live and to get better. I am one of them.
  2. Your track record of getting through bad days is 100%. You can get through today. And guess what? You can get through tomorrow, too.
  3. The day is ONLY 24 hours. That thought has gotten me through so many days, especially when I wake up depressed or anxious. It gets to the point where I’m literally counting down the hours and minutes until I can crawl back in bed and start a new day. 24 hours. You can do this.
  4. Following that: Tomorrow is a brand new day. Yes, it might feel like the same shit that you dealt with yesterday, but it is still a brand freaking new day. A new day to have an adventure, to smile more, to find another tool to help, to be a bit more or less productive than yesterday….it’s a new chance. And it’s up to you what you do with it, and whether or not you decide to take the chance and do something new.
  5. You are brave, strong, courageous, and a damn fine warrior! You have been fighting your demons for what seems like forever…some of you have been fighting for decades…think about that!! You have been fighting for years, and haven’t given up or given in yet. BRAVO!! You are strong, much stronger than you thought you were, before this war began. You have fought every day, and you will continue to fight every day until you have won. That, my dears, is incredible bravery.
  6. Your struggle does NOT define you! Yes, your demons have a rather large impact on your life. But I don’t say, “I’m Ambyr, I’m depressed.” No, I say “I’m Ambyr. I have depression.” See the difference? Your demons, your struggle, your war does not take away from the awesome, amazing, wonderful, incredible person that you were before the war, and that you are now! It is something that you deal with, but it does NOT define you.
  7. It WILL get better!! I know that it’s hard to believe, when you’re stuck down in the shit and the muck and the pain and the dark, that it will get better. But, I promise you this, it will. Your present situation is not your final destination. You are heading towards something a million times better than what you are going through right now. Diamonds have to go through intense heat and intense pressure to be made. Just think, when you’re going through an extremely rough time, that you’re becoming a diamond.
  8. You are not perfect. I know right now you’re thinking “how is that an encouragement?” Well, that’s because NO ONE is perfect, so you’re in great company! Martin Luther King Jr wasn’t perfect. David Bowie wasn’t perfect. Robin Williams wasn’t perfect. Alan Rickman wasn’t perfect. I am far from perfect. The President isn’t perfect. Nor is the King or Queen. There is not one single solitary person who is perfect in the entire earth. So, please do not think that you have to be perfect, because you don’t. And I know, that with the demons lying and screaming at you, you feel far from perfect. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay. No os asking you to be perfect. Well, I’m not at any rate, not are your brothers and sisters who are fighting alongside you. You don’t have to be perfect. I promise.
  9. Count your blessings. Honestly, that helps. Your only blessing may be that you’re alive, but that in itself is indeed a blessing! Or, your blessings may include a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food in your belly, a warm bed, shoes on your feet, and running water. Or a family that is taking you in. Or a friend that checks in on you every single day. Or your therapy animal. Or your children. Or your husband or wife.  You have blessings all around you. All you have to do is look, and they will appear.
  10. You are going through this for a reason. I don’t know what that reason is, and trust me, I would give anything to know why we are suffering and fighting. But, there is a reason. Maybe the reason is to help you cultivate your inner strength. Maybe it’s to show you that even though you may not love yourself, you are loved by many others. Maybe it’s to teach you to train your mind to think of positive things. Maybe it’s to show you that when you reach rock bottom, you CAN pick yourself back up. Maybe it’s to help you get in touch with yourself and to help you figure out who and what you really are. I don’t know. But I do know that no suffers alone, and no one suffers for no reason. There is reason in the suffering, and if you really, really look for it, there may even be peace.

Stay Strong, dear ones. ❤


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