Welcome to My Mind

Days like today are increasing. I didn’t sleep well, and have been constantly on edge since I woke up. Almost snapped at my fiance for attempting to communicate before coffee. Getting SUPER stressed about every single little thing about my wedding. Trying to be a laid back bride and realizing that just isn’t possible. Stressing out because I was grouched at by my fiance’s mom…for something that HE did! I got the fucking rap for it, and all the negativity and unfairness about that has flooded the brain. Add to that, PMS hormones, stressing out about work tomorrow (don’t ask me why, I don’t even know anymore), and the fact that my fiance is having major back surgery in 11 days…I…I just can’t handle today. I need a glass of warm mulled wine, a really good book, a comfy chair, a rainy day, and a 15 hour night’s sleep. That’s my idea of the perfect, relaxing day…well, right now, anways. *sigh* I CAN get through this, get through today…I have to. If I don’t get through today, there’s no way I’m gonna get through tomorrow. But, I think I can, I think I can. With the help of my good friend Willpower, and her sister Inner Strength, I’ll get through today. Here’s hoping I can get through tomorrow. šŸ™‚

Stay strong, my friends. ā¤


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