Focusing in a World of Distractions

I’m sitting in a hospital room, my fiance ether moaning in pain and/or snoring, my cell phone buzzing, the TV on, and Netflix running in the background on my laptop. But somehow, I’m calm. I know that I’m still worried about my fiance. I have a headache going on 3 days now. I’m running on 4 hours of sleep. But, I’m calm. Maybe it’s talking about my beliefs with a friend. Maybe it’s making a new friend (both of which I’m currently doing). Maybe it’s knowing, that no matter what, my fiance WILL be okay. Somehow, some way, he will be okay. It’s strange. When I’m at home, and my mind is racing, and the voices are screaming at me, peace is an extremely foreign concept to me. But here, in the midst of chaos…peace has found me. I have found the calm in the midst of the storm. Now, if only I can remember how to find it in other storms. 🙂

Stay Strong. ❤


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